Cognitive Hypnotherapy integrates knowledge from different therapy models: Cognitive & Behavioural approaches (CBT), Gestalt therapy, with concepts from evolutionary biology, neuroscience & emerging sciences like PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI).

Combining these with an indirect, conversational style of hypnosis (Ericksonian), gives Cognitive Hypnotherapists the flexibility to use whatever tools might suit the person who walks through our door...


Everyone is unique. You may share the same diagnosis or pain as another person, whether it’s fibromyalgia, migraine, vulvodynia, prostatitis, CRPS, IBS, arthritis or some other persistent pain.

But the way you experience your pain will be different from all those other people. The general diagnosis or label may be generic but the way I treat you, whether you're in the group or one-to-one Break Through Pain Programme, will be tailored to your specific needs and how you experience your pain.

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Check out this definition of pain (revised 2020)

An unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with, or resembling that associated with, actual or potential tissue damage

You have a mix of:

  • experiences/memories/past interpretations (linked to certain emotions)
  • beliefs (including beliefs about your pain, what it means now and for the future)
  • values

This combination or mix is unique to you. Your brain calls upon this unique mix you have whenever nerves send an alarm signal up to the brain from the body. The brain ultimately uses your past experiences, interpretations, beliefs, values and more to conduct a threat assessment and decides whether to amplify the original alarm. If it does, you may then experience this as painful.

The alarms are chemical messengers and they are the same chemical messengers involved when you might be stressed or worried about something, as well as other challenging emotional states.

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy can uncover the things that may be causing those chemical alarm messengers to be released and help you:

  • Reduce or change emotional reactions such as stress or anxiety
  • Use other resources/strengths/capabilities you might already have in other situations or have had in the past, to produce different, alarm muting messengers 
  • Build new healthier beliefs and new strengths/abilities to help you react differently 
  • Find specific ways to release alarm muting messengers more in your life so you start doing more of the things you want comfortably 
  • Utilise tools for longer lasting changes

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