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Sheren Gaulbert

Pain Management Specialist & Founder of The Break Through Pain Programme

IT WAS PAINFUL: Back in the 1990s, whilst still at university, I started experiencing bouts of pain. By 1999, I wasn't able to walk or move without being in agony. I tried to grin-and-bear-it but as I started fainting from the pain more and more, I had to stop working altogether.

IT WAS EMOTIONAL: I felt a prisoner in my own home and the medication, far from helping, just left my head feeling foggy. So - as you can probably imagine - I used to move a lot between anger, frustration, shame, fear, low self-confidence and a multitude of emotions.

TIME TO EXPERIMENT: In a bid to regain control of my life - and with a nod from my doctor - I started methodically trying different approaches and therapies. I wasn’t to know at the time, that my quest to get better would take almost 10 years…

BREAKTHROUGH 2007: I discovered self-hypnosis and within 7 days started loosening the shackles that had kept me imprisoned for so long.

MY MISSION: In my mission to find out the science behind why I was getting better, I discovered Cognitive Hypnotherapy. I went on to be trained by its founder - Trevor Silvester - at The Quest Institute based at Regents University, London. I went on to be part of the original team involved in gathering practice-based data, measuring the efficacy of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy. (You can find out more on the Cognitive Hypnotherapy page).

PAIN SCIENCE: I decided to dig even deeper into the neurobiology of pain and trained with the Neuro-Orthopaedic Institute. Here I discovered that people suffering with chronic pain who were taught the basics of HOW pain works, went on to gain better relief. It left me wondering - if only someone had given me the basics of pain biology sooner, I wouldn't have had to suffer for almost a decade. I knew what I had to do..

HELPING YOU: Bringing all this powerful knowledge together with the experience of all those I've worked with over the years, I created the BREAK THROUGH PAIN PROGRAMME - so you too can break free from the shackles of chronic pain, reclaim your life and start looking forward to an even brighter future. I feel truly privileged that I can help people like you achieve the same freedom I now enjoy - to start living the life you want.

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