Pain Relief


  • Maybe you feel hopeless because the pain seems to be controlling how you live your life
  • Perhaps you’re afraid to do the things you want because you fear the pain might get worse
  • Or you’re stressed you can’t join or keep up with your peers because you’re just too exhausted or hurt too much

The Break Through Pain Programme could help you gain control

This 12 WEEK JOURNEY can help you build strong foundations for long lasting change, pain relief and freedom to do more of the things you want. I’ll be helping you build a personal blueprint to help you start living your life better. Here’s what you get:

  • 5 x LIVE Online Group Workshops: 2 hours each
  • You’ll begin to understand the key factors sustaining your personal pain as we uncover those barriers, and build strong foundations for change. In the company of a small like-minded group, I will personally guide you through these eye-opening exercises. You’ll also gain powerful insights into how you can get better pain relief or freedom.

    • 3 x One-to-One Sessions: 90min-2hours each
    • We’ll work at a deeper level to resolve and change those specific things that have been sustaining your pain, and standing in the way of you getting better. We’ll bring what you’ve gathered from the workshops and utilise powerful Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help make changes easier.